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Brazil Communications

The principal telegraph network is operated by the Brazilian Postal and Telegraph Administration, in which the government holds part ownership. National trunk routes and international connections are also operated directly by another mixed corporation, the Brazilian Telecommunications Corp. (EMBRATEL), which inaugurated an earth satellite station in 1969 linking the Brazilian network with member countries of INTELSAT. EMBRATEL has rapidly modernised and extended the domestic telecommunications system with the introduction of microwave networks, including long-distance direct dialing, throughout much of the country. In the Amazonregion, the company relies on a tropodiffusion system because of the area's large empty spaces. As of 1997 there were 17 million mainline telephones in use with an additional 4.4 million cellular phones in use.

Brazil has one of the largest television broadcasting systems in the world. As of 1999, Brazil had 1,365 AM and 296 FM radio stations. In 1997, there were 138 television stations. In 2000 there were about 433 radios and 343 television sets for every 1,000 people. The same year there were about 50 Internet service providers, serving 11.9 million subscribers by 2001.


Telephones - main lines in use
42.382 million (2004)

Telephones - mobile cellular
86.21 million (2005)

Telephone system
general assessment: good working system
domestic: extensive microwave radio relay system and a domestic satellite system with 64 earth stations
international: country code - 55; 3 coaxial submarine cables; satellite earth stations - 3 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean), 1 Inmarsat (Atlantic Ocean region east), connected by microwave relay system to Mercosur Brazilsat B3 satellite earth station

Radio broadcast stations
AM 1,365, FM 296, shortwave 161 (of which 91 are collocated with AM stations) (1999)

Television broadcast stations
138 (1997)

Internet country code

Internet hosts
6.508 million (2006)

Internet users
25.9 million (2005)